What is the
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To develop
To develop
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Main teacher
To develop
To develop
Old man with iPad
  • Quality tool that supervises the performance of my school!
  • Analysis of the school’s aims in real time!
  • Automatic notifications in case of school or managerial problems!
  • Optimization tool for teaching processes!
  • Precious time-saver when it comes to the analysis of our problems!
Student with book in library
  • Results in real time
  • Percentage of the material studied by chapter
  • Communication with teachers
  • Information on class and school
  • Permanent statement of their improvement
Happy parents with child
  • Have access to grades and reports
  • Are informed about the achievement of the aims
  • Stay in touch with all the parties of the project
  • Can see homeworks and school activities
  • Control the performance of their child
School Principal
Main teacher
  • Evaluation of the class performance
  • Contact with all the students (class-support-coaching)
  • Management of grades, reports and aims
  • Management of notifications concerning students, support and coaching
  • Optimization of communication with parents
  • Follow-up of aims in real time
Man with partners in background
  • Grades register
  • Follow-up of aims chapter by chapter
  • Homeworks and exams register
  • Management of notifications in the field taught
  • Contact with support and coaching teachers
  • Management of preferences
  • Follow-up of the curriculum in real time
More than a simple software of the school life!
Digital intelligence at the heart of the school success!
The Brain Force integrates the student in the area “Class” totally managed by the teacher. That “Class” is a virtual dimension, in which the teachers find the necessary information, i.e. the table with information, the grade transcript, the coaching reports, the homeworks and the exams agenda, the list of the students of the class, of the teachers, and other useful information. In that way, the progress of a student in school can be easily tracked. Every person concerned and interested receives an authorization and password to log in.
When a problem is detected in the area “Class”, it is immediately transformed into an aim, which is attached to a support section. The main teacher in a given field receives the aims and can think of a plan of support. The aim is then controlled through specific deadlines. The progress is made respectively to the achieved results. Any possible managerial problem concerning the deadlines of each aim is prevented thanks to the notification system. In such a way, the information circulates between the different parties at school, including teachers in charge of the project as well as other supporting teachers, students, parents and every other partner.
The “Coaching” section is linked to the development of the potential and the cross-cutting competences. The practical work with the mode “Coaching” reinforces the theoretical support and the classes. The aims can be settled according to different needs detected by the teachers in order to optimize the teaching methods or concluded personally in order to be more organized, etc. Yet again, thanks to this feature the Brain Force One assures the synergy looked for. The students and their competences stay at the center of the project, which favors the achievement of the ambitious aims, to put it in a concise way “One Student, One Project”.
The analytical heart which improves the results!
The Brain Force One enables to monitor the education. The main teaching actors are linked in to the software, which can be easily consulted via Internet. The first part defines the project after having analyzed the needs and the potential of each student. Therefore, an immediate scheduling of correction ways is made if need be. Moreover, during the education, the students receive feedback that assures the right development of their competences. The MBO procedure creates a synergy between various actors who are in the network. Because the system is aim-based, it corrects the students until they obtain a high result.
Examples of notifications
  • Average of pass mark rate not satisfactory
  • Aims of chapters not met
  • Aims of support not met
  • Number of exams made in class
  • Reports made